Dec 112017

Sheriff Stan Sniff campaigned on a reduction of Crime in Riverside County in 2014. It appears to have been a fluke, Sheriff Stan Sniff did not plan to fail, he failed to plan. For the period of January to June 2016, we have a disturbing story of a crime wave in Riverside County:

Crime data for the January-June period shows overall violent crime surging 14 percent within the agency’s jurisdiction.

The violent crime rate is factored using Part I crime data. Part I crimes are classified by the FBI as offenses that include murder, forcible rape, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, auto theft and larceny.

The violent crime component focuses exclusively on murder, rape, robbery and assault.

According to the sheriff’s department, there were 27 homicides in the first half of this year in its patrol areas, compared to 14 during the same period in 2015 — a 93 percent jump. Looking only at unincorporated communities, the growth rate was an even 100 percent — 10 murders in the first six months of 2016, compared to five in the first half of 2015.

According to sheriff’s officials, the overall Part I crime rate edged up 4 percent from January to June.

Sheriff’s statistics showed that robberies spiked by 19 percent, while aggravated assaults grew by 11.4 percent and rapes by 1.5 percent.

More vehicle thefts and larcenies drove the property crime rate up roughly 3 percent year-over-year.

Sheriff Sniff has some explaining to do. I suppose he will blame the board of Supervisors. We know he has blamed the rank and file officers many times and wonders why they want him out of office.

Even as Sheriff Sniff was campaigning on lower crime, there was a harbinger of things to come from the 2013-2014 crime stats:

Figures released by the sheriff’s department show aggravated assaults rose from 1,610 incidents in 2013 to 1,759 in 2014.

What do we know for sure? Unused jail beds. Slow-rolling the opening of the jail. Fighting with the Board of Supervisors. Furloughs. Hiring Freezes (his choice, not the supervisors). Refusal to engage in creative, thoughtful solutions to keep more cops on the beat. Heck, the Sheriff won’t even cooperate with ICE when the criminals could get deported much less end up in Prison here in Riverside County!

In 2014, Sheriff Sniff Publicly promised 1.2 Deputies per 1,000 residents. Suffice to say, that is a campaign promise the good Sheriff has not come close to keeping (including these disastrous crime statistics..)

However, Sheriff Sniff does rake in $335K+ in total compensation, including taking a 20% pay raise while people were getting pink slips.


Dec 062017

When there are big, public and messy fights in politics – I always ask who has what at stake and how big are the egos. I learned to my horror that Chad Mayes may have no equal in the ego department, at least in the sad shrinking GOP world in California.

While Assemblymembers (like Jay Obernolte and Kevin Kiley) are trying to raise money and recruit opponents to democrats, we have the underlying issue of a class of Republicans who refuse to get it.

Joe Justin is Chad Mayes Chief of Staff. He is a fantastic political operative and consultant. For as good as he is with campaigns, he is horrific with policy.

Joe is seen here posting a Mercury news article highlighting how the GOP punted before the last recess of the session as some sort of sign that his Narcissistic boss was going to live another day. The comment about keyboard cowboys is actually hysterical and sad at the same time when you pick it apart.

On one hand, he is correct about the hundreds of so-called activists that can’t get off Facebook long enough to get anything done. On the other hand, he is showing elitist contempt for the rank and file. Only someone down in the trenches should cast dispersion like this, not someone with $130K+ in salary and benefits off of the back of the taxpayers.

Again, this shows the complete disconnect. If those keyboard cowboys did not matter, Chad Mayes would still be Assembly Minority Leader and no one would know about his narcissistic rage at the end of his reign or his affair with Kristen Olsen.

The aforementioned Seren Taylor, the “policy” mastermind behind the Cap and Trade deal was indeed sacked by Chad Mayes’ replacement. Mr. Taylor landed in the office of, Chad Mayes. This is yet another indicator that being right and making sure the masses respect one’s authoritah has superseded any and all “polling data”. Seren Taylor should have been returned to New York as a result of the toxic damage he did to the GOP.

Speaking of polling data – your intrepid blogger finally got to see some of the fabled poll.

Of course it showed President Trump underwater everywhere in California. I laughed out loud as I recalled he was at 40% when he beat the most well-financed Presidential Campaign in history, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the Obama Admin, the UN, the media and everyone else arrayed to try and thwart the people labeled Keyboard Cowboys.

Apparently, enough people got from out in front of their computers to get the word out while Justin, Mayes and others were voting for / supporting / aiding and abetting Clinton.

What the poll did not prove was the connection between the lousy numbers for Republicans in general (not just President Trump) in California and selling out on the environment being the cure. Rather, what I saw was that in California, Republicans had nothing to offer and that is why their numbers were horrific. It is the exact opposite of the Bush-Romney-Moderate take your opponent’s issues away from them strategy… people really want something new.

Something new, like solutions, versus identity politics directed at one’s opponents. But, what we get is a daily lambasting from people whose egos will never recover from their own irrelevance being exposed by the 2016 election results.

IN the second set of tweets, it is clear that the Keyboard Cowboys were indeed a primary consideration in Chad Mayes’ Narcissistic Rage on the way out the door. Mr. Mayes needed to demonstrate he was still in charge. In so doing he proved their relevance.

Party be dammed, polling be dammed, Cap and Trade was about Chad Mayes. It is my belief that without the little people – the Keyboard Cowboys – that most all of the GOP Caucus would have been led over the cliff by Mayes. This is the toxic effect of group think based on a false premise.

20 years ago, I went to a campaign school run by Morton Blackwell. The first thing in it and every seminar like it since that I have been to is winning elections by contrasting yourself from your opponents. This has been the fight I have seen within the ranks of the GOP since I first became a delegate.

Nowadays, with the Moderates having been spent in to power by big money they’ve had it mostly their own way and the results have hastened the demise of Republican Registration numbers as people feel no affinity for a lukewarm GOP. Moderats want similarity to Democrats and Conservatives want Contrast.

Opposing the moderate paradigm means you are a White Nationalist. In some cases, it draws people in with 38 year old accusations that moderate Republican leaders take as gospel for political (see also control) reasons. Opposing this means people like Jeff Flake giving money to your democrat opponent,

In my life as an activist and campaign operative, I have heard an array of policy lies:

I was told Abortion was a loser, so there that went. (Today a majority of Americans identify as Pro-Life)

I was told family values was a loser and with the hypocrite parade in that field, there that went.

I was told we needed to soften sovereignty and immigration, some in GOP ranks squawked against it and were beaten down with Prop 187 and the “White Nationalist” label. ( Sanctuary Cities are opposed to the tune of 65% in most polls, bare majorities support the wall, numbers approaching 70% support stricter enforcement)

I was told we needed to “negotiate deals for a better future”. (see also bigger government, depending on how poll questions are asked, you can get some pretty large opposition to big government)

Now we are being told that we need to put a Republican label on the largest tax increase in California History. (Unless you disagree that “fees” are taxes, and then it is the largest fee increase and second largest tax increase in state history)

There is no plank in the GOP platform that the big money and folks like Joe Justin / Seren Taylor have not overturned.

There is no poll in the world, that if done honestly shows that massive tax increases and government increases in the name of anything will be popular. That is just absurd. There is also no poll that will ever give honest numbers about President Trump or real numbers about racism, immigration or the environment. All have been stigmatized and people are too intimidated to tell the pollster the truth. We all saw it with the public polls that predicted Hilary with 332 Electoral Votes.

Which gets me to my conclusion. I knew in Feb of 2016 that President Trump would be the GOP nominee. I could see in people’s eyes when I was at their doors and on the phone that Trump was going to win the Nevada Caucuses running away.

After the RNC Convention that Chad Mayes, Joe Justin and others criticized and lambasted, I also knew that then Candidate Trump was going to be all the Democrats could handle.

What Mayes, Justin, Kevin Spillaine, several Capitol Staffers and #nevertrump anonymous did not like was the uncontrollable nature of our now President (they made other excuses too). Seeing him decimate all the normal conventions of politics, such as a challenge to racism and immigration and the like was an extreme attack against the years of pent up pseudo relevance that they had.

I will be honest, I did not like President Trump either. But, having had a background in working in the real world, I understood what forging a deep emotional connection with potential insurance customers was all about. I saw President Trump doing that with voters and decided to pitch in and be part of the team while a lot around me did not.

Cap and Trade does not make a deep emotional connection with voters. It is not an issue that builds a movement. In fact, I’ve seen the moderate crew in the GOP try to re-package Gay Marriage, Abortion, Bonds, Budget sellouts and the like for years.

No one cares. They want change from the status quo. No amount of calling opponents to Republican Lite “White Nationalists” will change that.

It was when I started hearing President Trump’s message and seeing the reactions of real people to it that I started digging deep in to polls long enough to draw the conclusion in August that he was going to win. I had a dozen bets to prove it as well, as I put my money where my analysis of polling was. Until people like Seren Taylor and Joe Justin can put aside their personal (liberal) biases to see what connects, there is no polling data they could ever analyze correctly. I had to drop my own conservative filter as it pertained to President Trump.

In 2016, Joe Heck in Nevada ran away from Trump and lost. While the cause of Kelly Ayotte losing in NH may have been same day registration fraud, she was still susceptible to being beaten due to her public disdain for the now President. Rob Portman, Pat Toomey and others that held the President at Arm’s length and never disavowed him won. It is this sort of nuance that is missing from team Mayes analysis of political situations.

Brian Dahle is the new Sheriff. Can he turn this around? Can the CAGOP figure out a message that connects with voters on a deep, emotional level? Or, will we keep having the needless fights about how liberal we need to be? Unless the CAGOP can get honest and deliver something real that connects with people, they will slide in to oblivion.

Dec 062017

So often, people, not just your intrepid blogger write about things they see coming and are completely ignored. It is easier to dismiss the source rather than deal with the brutal reality.

Some years ago, I had been told about Steve Davey and Dave Titus’ out of control sexual behavior by former staff. Senator Ted Gaines did nothing, and his then Chief of Staff Steve Davey was fired by the Senate Rules committee, which we are now learning is an extremely rare feat, indeed. Many people dismissed the writings of this blog because of the demonstrated disdain for anything Gaines.

One could say that Steve Davey was a trailblazer, or the canary in the sexual coal mine of the Sacramento State Capitol. On January 30, 2016, Rightondaily reported that Steve Davey had been fired for numerous sexual harassment issues. Then on Feb 7, 2016, we posted part two of the disgusting saga of Steve Davey.

Democrat Assemblymember, Roger Hernandez represented the first legislator to fall due to sex issues, (sort of) he beat up his ex and his run for Congress was scuttled as a result. This followed his DUI.

Remember Democrat Senator Ben Huseo with a DUI? Democrat Senators Ron Calderon and Leland Yee getting serious Jail Time for Corruption? Roderick Wright got a slap on the wrist with a guilty verdict for lying about his residency. Link. Their corruption scandals preceded today’s Sexual Scandals.

With Hollywood Icon Harvey Weinstein falling in a public and spectaular way, the sexual scandal dam is breaking. We are finding out now that Weinstein was being protected for years by Bill and Hillary Clinton. (speaking of rapists and sexual deviants) The pattern of powerful democrats protecting high-profile creeps is being exposed, buttressing the concept of the “Deep State”.

Then some 140 women in and around the capitol from sitting members to high level staff and lobbyists signed a letter about the sexual deviance in the California State Capitol.

This is the same capitol whose members voted to throw you in jail for calling someone with a penis a man if they feel like a woman (or a space alien) at the point in time you address them. Yet at the same time, the legislature voted to make infecting someone with HIV a misdemeanor versus a felony. (They also reduced dozens of other felonies to misdemeanors over the last several years)

Then we got Raul Bocanegra. Six women lit him up and apparently there was truth to the allegations as Bocanegra never really fought back against them. A woman who received a settlement as a result of Bocanegra’s abuse lost her job afterwards and was subjected to a confidentiality agreement in order to muzzle her.

Then we got Tony Mendoza. He has three and counting accusers. He has not resigned and is fighting back against the allegations. What is key is that Mendoza fired aides that allegedly knew about his behavior. This is similar to the ex-staffer of Ted Gaines who went on the record with me about Steve Davey.

Now we have Matt Dababneh. I had been warned that DaBabneh had a target on him for a while. Dababneh was lit up by two women, one of which told a graphic, specifically detailed story about Dababneh wacking off in front of her after he followed her in to a bathroom. When Dabs was working for would be impeachment warrior Brad Sherman (who got $250 from Travis Allen, by the way) he allegedly mistreated several female employees.

I am aware that insiders believe as many as 5 more democrat Assemblymembers are under the gun for Sexual Harassment issues. One is a high-profile black member, another is in a district near me and a third is purported to be a female member harassing/attacking females. The same sources that warned me about Dabby have relayed this info. Since I have no proof, I am not naming names.

For as much as Devon Mathis has enraged me with his Cap and Trade vote, I do not believe the sex assault allegations against him are true. I do get that he has terrible judgement and should not be out drinking late at night on legislative days, that alone could sink him. There are a variety of other issues that Mr. Mathis has, but they are not criminal or sexual. It is my opinion that Mathis may survive his scandal in 2018, in terms of staying out of jail.

However, If Mathis survives at the ballot box, it will be because the above three are providing people perspective for what real sex issues look like.

Then we have Chad Mayes and Marc Steinorth. Their affairs with adult women are legal, but not ethical. No one has alleged that what they did was not consensual. Since I have been defending Roy Moore, who has basically admitted dating teenagers, which may or may not have included sex (also legal and immoral), a distinction has to be made. Moore was single. Steinorth and Mayes were married and while they could not get prosecuted for cheating on their wives, they should face accountability for it. I am not a Roy Moore fan as I believe he is a showman and knew 100% what he was doing when he got himself thrown off his bench, however, I am defending him from liars.

Given the current political environment, I am not sure the old fashioned cheating BS so many in Politics are guilty of matters. Watching the National Media walk back their BS about Roy Moore as more and more of his accusers are shredded is also notable. The women who I believe are being hired to lie about Republican candidates to gain political advantage for democrats are making discerning the truth much more difficult.

All this said, Mathis, Mayes and Steinorth are all in serious danger of losing their re-election because of Cap and Trade.

So, back to the capitol. Matt Dababneh has the same Lawyer puke as Harvey Weinstein. She is a malignant cancer who engages in brutal and personal attacks against the women who are brave enough to stand up. She sent a pre-lawsuit warning against the Lobbyist that stood up to Dababneh. Again, given that so many women have been proven to be liars, lying to tilt elections, how can you 100% dismiss Dababneh’s legal tactics.

Women in the Sacramento sewer are in a vice-grip. If they get abused and mistreated and say anything about it, they lose their job (in addition to getting sued) as retaliation.

If I was a female in Sacramento, I would not get anywhere close to any man I was not married to that is anywhere near the Capitol.

When I was told about Ted Gaines former Chief of Staff Steve Davey’s sexual abuse/harrassment issues in 2015, something told me that his behavior was not isolated. Beyond Davey being a graphic illustration of the moral bankruptcy of Ted Gaines, he was a harbinger of what we are seeing today.

There is one other point I will conclude with. Roger Hernandez, Raul Bocanegra and Matt Dababneh are all considered (ahem Tax-Raising) “Biz-Democrats”. The leftist rank and file hate them all. Tony Mendoza on the Senate Side is another. Since I’ve yet to see a liberal get hammered (for sex stuff), it could very well be that the leadership are being selective about their release of leaks regarding the creeps. Of the three other possibles in the Assembly, two are indeed liberals and a third is another tax-raising moderate like the three known creeps.

It could well be that the democrat leadership are using the sex abuse scandals to clean house of those pesky “moderates”. These people know 100% what they are doing (such as legalizing ballot harvesting, changing the rules on absentee ballots to allow for election day dumping, and of course same day fraud registration for a few examples) and I put nothing past them…

Dec 042017

Perhaps the title should read Tyler Diep’s Judgement as a Councilmember is a Disaster. We’ve introduced you to Tyler Diep attempting to strong-arm a local police watch commander in to letting a friend off of a DUI.

Young Tyler is living large off of the Taxpayers, Quadruple Diepping us all for $170K+ when it is all said and done.

What we are seeing is a deeply flawed candidate who will be a shooting gallery for his opponents in his upcoming assembly campaign. Can you imagine the ads and mail that will be run against Diep? I sure can.

Tyler Diep is no stranger to paid gigs in local government. You’d think he’d know a thing or two about vetting applications of people looking for their own Turn at the trough. It looks like our hot-headed would-be-Travis-Allen-anointee for AD72 continued his behavior down the Amtrak line to hell…

Did you know that Tyler Diep appointed a man to the planning commission who plead guilty to bribery? That’s right, one of his buddies, (not the one that got the DUI, another one) got a nice appointment to the planning commission:

David Phuong Dinh Vo, a former Westminster Planning Commissioner, was found guilty by a federal jury Thursday of one count of bribery for accepting $15,000 to help push through a city liquor license.

Vo is a Huntington Beach-based attorney who served on the Planning Commission from early 2009 to early 2013.

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, in June 2011, Vo solicited a $15,000 bribe from an informant working with the FBI. Vo then received $15,000 over the course of four August 2011 meetings in exchange for pushing a liquor license through the approval process.

The maximum penalty is 10 years in prison, three years of probation, and a $250,000 fine.  Vo and his attorney signed a plea deal last May, which could come with a lesser sentence.

Vo was appointed to the Planning Commission by Councilman Tyler Diep.

Andy Quach? DUI

David Phuong Dinh Vo? Felony Bribery

As the pattern of impaired judgement is starting to become manifest in Young Tyler, we bring you Westminister Measure SS. (Why it was named after a bunch of socialist maniacs is beyond me.) Tyler opposed Measure SS, obviously because he knew his anointing for State Assembly was coming in 2018.

However, once SS passed, young Tyler was slopping at the trough to spend the proceeds. It is kind of like voting for it after you voted against it.

Resident Sandra McClure, who said she was against Measure SS, questioned whether the raises will put the city in a difficult financial position in six years, when the sales tax increase sunsets and voters will need to decide whether or not to renew the tax.

“After six years the city could be in a worse position than it was before the measure was passed,” McClure said.

Hmmm… will Tyler Diep stick his hands out for Cap and Trade Money, too?

So, they raised taxes in Westminister for 5 years ostensibly to get the City out of Fiscal Trouble and then started handing out raises like candy. Those raises will still be applicable even once the tax sunsets.

The salary increase for management employees will cost the city an additional $502,890 over the next three years, while City Manager Eddie Manfro will receive an additional $33,147.

After the raises, City Manager Eddie Manfro’s salary would be about $234,472 in 2019, or $304,015 including benefits, according to HR director Mike Harary.

Remember, they gave the unions nice raises, too. (The public employees bankrolled the tax measure, by the way)

The city council Wednesday night approved a three-year agreement for the city manager and 56 management positions, which includes a three percent raise the first year of the agreement and a 3.5 percent raise the second and third years.

Wednesday’s action follows a vote in September to give the same raise to sworn police officers. Rank-and-file municipal employees were also granted a three-year agreement in June which includes $3,000 cash stipends the first year of the contract followed by $1-per-hour raise the following two years.

That’s a lot of money. I thought Measure SS was about saving the City of Westminister from a Bankruptcy… (quoting the lone no vote, Councilmember Rice:)

“The people I talked to when they voted for [measure] SS, was for the police, and to get us out of debt, and to save us from bankruptcy,” Rice said. “I know they deserve some raises but I think it is a little bit rushed.”

Will Tyler Diep rush to hand out raises to State Employees Unions and the like if the fiscal condition of California magically improves? IT is a fair question as Westminister had been a city on the watch list for a municipal BK not too long ago and handing out a ton of raises at the first sign of improvement seems awful strange.

The article also had this gem in it:

“There’s been an issue going on that there are many businesses that do not pay their sales taxes,” said resident Sandra McClure, who also owns a business in Westminster. “I believe that’s part of the reason why we’re in such a deficit.”

McClure said the city should raise the issue to the state Board of Equalization, which until recently was responsible for administering statewide taxes. The agency has since been restructured into the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

“You would think that in a city where a councilman works for the state Board of Equalization that the tax compliance would be higher,” said McClure, referring to the fact that councilman Tyler Diep works for the agency as an assistant tax service specialist.

What are we paying Tyler Diep his four municipal salaries for? Why should we be OK with Diep opposing a tax increase and then spending the money like a drunken sailor? Should we be OK with one of his appointees committing a felony? Why hasn’t Tyler Diep attempted to deal with the underground in Westminister? Is it related to his incident with the local police department?

What more are we going to find out as we dig in to Tyler Diep? Stay tuned as we continue to make the case that Young Tyler has no business being in elected office.

Dec 042017

At some point, blaming other people for the issues you have in your own office stops working. Not even the extremely and insanely biased US Media continued letting Barack Hussein Obama get away with it after 4 years of blaming President Bush.

Sheriff Stan Sniff was warned in 2008, that drastic cuts were coming. In 2011, the rank and file officers bore the brunt of it all. Rather than plan for the layoffs to try to mitigate some of them, we get this:

Riverside County Sheriff StanSniff today announced he will send layoff notices to nearly 800 officers in an effort to close the budget deficit.

As of last month, the sheriff’s department was facing a $10 million budget deficit for the fiscal year that ends in June.

For fiscal year 2011-12, the department may have to cut as much as $60 million to reach the spending target outlined by the executive office.

I’d lay odds that the Sheriff’s specially added $104k a year administrative job was not in that mix.

Earlier in 2011, after much debate about the location of a new jail (which is still under construction and being argued about), a little gem popped out near the end of the article:

Ironically, the county recently completed an $80 million upgrade of the Larry Smith Regional Detention Facility in Banning, ten miles west of the Whitewater site. The expansion added 582 beds to the Banning jail. County Sheriff Stan Sniff announced this month he would be closing 500 of those new beds due to budget cuts.

Sheriff Stan Sniff has never missed a raise. He currently hauls in a massive compensation package in excess of $335K a year. This includes a 20% pay raise in the midst of layoffs. Now we are starting to get a better picture of the Sheriff and his failure to lead or plan… to be continued.